How to Build an 8-Gun Cabinet

What You'll Need
Cherry wood (cut to dimensions for back, side and top and bottom panels)
Cherry wood Doors
Cabinet door pulls
Gun lock (automatic or timed gun lock preferred)
Circular saw
Wood stain
8 Gun cabinet rack
Wood glue

Anyone with basic carpentry skills can build an 8 gun cabinet to house a collection of firearms. The process for building a gun cabinet is the same as building a regular storage cabinet, with a few exceptions. The materials that you use to build the cabinet should be stronger than an ordinary cabinet, such as cherry wood, to give it a fine finished look and conceal its appearance as a gun cabinet. You should also place a heavy-duty locking mechanism on the cabinet to deter unauthorized entry and keep the guns in your collection safe from theft.

This how-to article will explain the process for, including the steps, tools and materials needed to build an 8 gun cabinet for you home. 

Step 1: Purchase Materials for 8 Gun Cabinet

Go to a lumber yard or home improvement center and purchase wood that will form the panels for the cabinet. The heavier the wood, the better the cabinet in deterring thieves and unauthorized access to the cabinet. In addition to the wood for the panels, purchase matching cabinet doors, hardware and a gun lock.

Step 2: Cut the Wood Panels

Depending on the length of your guns, cut out the panels for the rear of the gun cabinet, along with the top, bottom and side panels. Sand any rough edges on the wood and place it aside for the next step.

Step 3: Attach the Gun Cabinet Rack

Use a drill to drill 2 holes to fasten the gun cabinet rack to the back wood panel. Use a screwdriver and wood screws to secure the rack to the panel.

Step 4: Attach the Panels

Attach the side panels of the cabinet to the back panel, using wood glue to help with the adhesion and wood nails to nail the pieces together with a hammer. Use a large shop clamp to hold the pieces of together during this process. After you have attached the sides of the cabinet to the back panel, attach the top and the bottom panel, repeating the process that you used for the sides. Clamp the pieces together securely after nailing them and allow the glue to dry overnight before proceeding with the next step.

Step 5: Attach the Cabinet Doors

Drill holes into the side panels and the cabinet doors in order to attach the hinges. Use the screwdriver and screws to first attach the cabinet door hinges to the side of the gun cabinet and then to each of the cabinet doors. You will need to attach the latch stop at the top of the cabinet along with the necessary hardware to the door for the latch and the pulls for the doors.

Step 6: Stain the Cabinet

Stain the doors and panels of the cabinet using the wood stain that you purchased in Step 1. Allow the stain to dry before moving on to the final step.

Step 7: Install the Gun Lock

With the cabinet stained and the cabinet doors attached, install the lock to the doors of the cabinet. This will provide your 8 gun cabinet with additional security and protection against any unwanted intrusions. You are now ready to place the guns inside.