How to Build an A-Frame Front Porch Swing

A front porch swing is an excellent place to relax. With a little bit of woodworking experience, you can build your own A-frame porch swing.

Materials to be used:

For the A-frame:

  • 5 4x4 posts
  • 2 28 inch supports (4X4 stock)
  • 2 34 inch supports (4X4 stock)
  • 2 sets of A-frame brackets
  • 4 2x4 posts
  • Galvanized or stainless steel chain
  • Eye-bolts with 4-6 inch (10cm-5cm)shafts
  • Drill 
  • T-level

For the Chair:

  • Wood slats for the seat and back (1X3 stock)
  • Lumber for the support beams for the seat (2X4 stock)
  • 3 X 58 inch support beams for the chair width
  • 4 X 27 inch support beams for the sides
  • 2 X 27 inch for the middle
  • Lumber for the armrests (2X4 stock)
  • Lumber for supporting the arm rests (2X4 stock)
  • Bolts and screws
  • Eye-bolts for fixing the chain onto the chair 
  • T-level

Step 1: Preparing to Construct the Chair

Make the chair first, so that you can hang it once the A-frame is complete. The width of the slats, when cut to size, should be 58 inches. This means that the width of the support beams should be the same. You will have 3 of these as you place 1 in front, 1 in the back and the other on the top part of the chair. The depth of the support beam should be 27 inches, and the height of the back supports 27 inches as well.

Step 2: Constructing the Framework of the Chair

Drill pilot holes in the beams. Bolt these together, and make sure that the back section is at a 100 degree angle. Use a T-level to determine the angle. Once you framework is complete, start adding the slats for the seat. Drill pilot holes into the slats and do the same in the frame where you will attach the slats. Leave about a ¼ inch spacing, for air to circulate and also for comfort. Screw the slats onto the frame, from the seat up to the top support.

Step 3: Constructing the Armrests

Drill pilot holes in the top part of the 2X4 stock for the armrest, as well as about 2 inches from the bottom, and in the middle back. Bolt the armrest together with the eye-bolts. This will be where your chair hangs from. Bolt the armrest to your chair at the bottom and at the back in the middle.

Step 4: Construction of the A-frame

Use 4 of your 4x4 beams. Start with one side and secure the angle by inserting the 28 inch width supports. Secure the top part of the side together with the A-frame brackets, creating a "V." The length of the fifth post should be about 9 feet, to ensure a free swinging action for the swing. Drill pilot holes in this post, and insert eye-bolts, where you will hang your swing from. Make sure that these are placed in such a position so that your swing hangs in the center. Cut the 2 X 34 inch supports at a 45 degree angle on both ends. Set the post on top of the 2 sides. Attach the post with the angled supports. Hang the swing chains to your bolts. Attach your chair to your A-frame.