How to Build an Above Ground Pool Fence

What You'll Need
Fence of aluminum or plastic resin
Needed hardware
Measuring tape
Cement and sand

Nowadays above ground pool fence are becoming very useful and common as, not only they protect your private pool from unwanted outsiders, they add to the beauty of the landscape and comes in various design and style. If you want to enjoy the added fun and privacy of the above ground pool fence but do not want to shell out huge cash for building and installing one, it is best for you to do it on your own.

Step 1: Measurement

Measure the perimeter of your pool by keeping an extra space of about three to four feet around the pool. This measurement will give you the perimeter of the fence that you are willing to install. The extra three-four feet space is a must as it will allow people to move around the pool. You can always increase this space according to your need.

Step 2: Fence

After taking the proper measurement, go to the market and purchase the fence that you like. The above ground pool fences are of various materials. Some can install an aluminum fence while some might opt for the cheaper plastic resin ones. The pool fences are of various designs and come in many color. The most preferred color is white as it goes naturally with the pool but you can always have your own preference. While purchasing the fence measure the distance between each individual section of the fence and then calculate the total length and sections required for fencing your pool properly.

Step 3: Preparing the Place

Dig holes around the pool at the measured distance where you want to install the fence. The holes should be properly distributed, so before digging them, measure the perimeter and decide how many holes you want. Then mark the perimeter at equal intervals and dig the holes. Place the posts inside the holes, in absolute up-right position, and fill the holes with concrete.

Step 4: Installing the Fence

Next attach the fence with one post and then the next part of the fence to the adjacent one. In this way go round the entire pool and install the fence. In case there is some obstruction like a tree or some construction in the perimeter of the fence, you need to work on it. There are various methods by which you can go around an obstacle and the preference varies for the type of fence you have chosen. So it is best for you to consult and take advice regarding this from the place where you have bought the fence.

Step 5: Completion

Installing the fence around your pool is never complete without a door so lastly install a door. If you have children in your house then it is a must that the door is on the farthest part of the fence, from the pool. It is done so that after opening the door there is enough distance for noticing the pool.