How to Build an Air Conditioned Dog House

What You'll Need
Post hole digger
Air conditioning Unit

If you are considering building an air conditioned dog house, then there are many ways in which you can do this. Adding air conditioning to a dog house will allow you to keep your pooch cool while still keeping him in one location. You can add air conditioning to a ready-built dog house, or you can try and build your own from scratch. Whichever you want to do, you should try and ensure that the air conditioning is secured, and will not fall onto your dog, or cause the dog house to collapse. You can build an air conditioned dog house yourself with only a few basic tools, and by following some simple instructions.

Step 1 - Dig Post Holes and Install Posts

Work out the size that you want the dog house to be, and then dig the four post holes that you will need to support the dog kennel. If you wish to, you can build the frame for the kennel floor first, as this will give you the correct size for the placement of the post holes. Use a post hole digger to remove enough earth to install the posts. Put in wooden posts, and pour in some cement. Hold the posts upright while they dry out, so that they do not collapse to one side. Add a layer of gravel to the top, to provide extra support.

Step 2 - Build the Floor Frame

The frame should be built with four lengths of wood. The frame should be built with support studs every foot or so. The frame needs to be positioned around four inches from the ground, and then nailed to the posts, so that you have the basic bottom for your air conditioned doghouse. Once the floor frame is built, you can then install an upright wall for the back. Cut this to the right size, and then nail it into position.

Step 3 - Build the Dog House

Once the back wall is built, you can then continue to add walls around the dog house. Remember to include a door along one wall, otherwise the dog will not be able to get in. If you want to add a window, then you will also need to install some glass or perspex, in order to prevent your dog from breaking the window.

Step 4 - Add the Air Conditioning

Fit the air conditioning unit beneath the floor of the dog house. You will need to install some electrical wires, so that you can plug in an AC unit. Keep the wire in a plastic box, to prevent the dogs from chewing them. Install an air conditioning unit beneath the floor of the dog house, and then seal off the underground section. Start the AC unit, and then seal off the roof and floor of the dog house.