How to Build an ATV Gun Rack

What You'll Need
Tape measure or carpenters ruler
2-inch screws
Wood glue
Paint, stain or polish

An ATV gun rack can be built using simple design and plans. Keep in mind the types of guns found at home so as to come up with a sizable rack. A good design can accommodate both rifles and shot guns. Consider the safety of the gun rack by positioning it in a secure area in the home.

Step 1: Get Required Wood Pieces

Start by acquiring the neccessary wood pieces.

  • 1 piece of 1x6x8-inch side panel
  • 1 piece 1x2x2-inch hardwood
  • 2 pieces, of ¼-inch plywood, 5½ x 4½ inch
  • 1 piece 1/8 inch backboard, 2 x 2 inch
  • 1 ½ inch brads

From the plywood, cut two 4 ½-inch pieces to be used as spacers in the storage area.

Step 2: Make Cuts

Get a tape measure or carpenter’s ruler for this step. Use a saw to cut the following pieces. Measure 24 inches from the 1 x 6 wood and cut two pieces for the side panels of the gun rack. From the 1 x 6 wood, cut two pieces 22 ½ inches in length for the storage area. From the 1 x 2 wood, cut one piece of 22 ½-inch length for the top brace.

Step 3: Assemble Base Storage

Gather all pieces together to start putting the rack together. Start with the base storage area. Take the two pieces of 1 x 6 x 22 ½ inches and the two pieces of plywood, ¼ x 5 ½ x 4 ½ inches. Put the four pieces together using wood glue; leave the storage box to dry and reinforce it using nails and a hammer.

Step 4: Create Storage Space

Mark the location of base storage and measure 6 inch storage space on the two 1 x 6 side panels. Some slots can be inserted in the side panels to allow holding space for the rifle barrel. These can be used creatively to improve the appearance of the rack.

Step 5: Assemble Rack

Join the side panels to the base storage area. Use glue to fix the joints and secure the pieces using nails. Use ¼-inch plywood pieces as spacers only, fix them between the side panels.

Use the 1 x 2 piece as the top brace. Fix it using wood glue at the top part of the side panel. Let the glue dry before using nails to reinforce the pieces. 2 inch screws can also be used during the building instead of nails.

Take the 2 x 2 piece back panel and nail it to the rack, use 1-inch brads.

Step 6: Finish Off

Inspect the assembly and check that all parts are securely fixed in place. Look out for protruding nails and fix them. Use a coarse sand paper to smooth out rough parts and finish off with a fine sand paper. Remove dust, particles and debris using a brush. Apply paint or stain as desired to complete the ATV wood rack.