How to Build an Ice Fishing Shanty

What You'll Need
Two 1/4 plywood, 4x8
One 3/8 plywood, 4x8
One 1/2 " plywood, 4x8
2x2 boards, 73 ft
2x4 boards, 22 ft
8x14 ft plastic tarp
Three 78-inch poles
butt hinges
Two 8x12-inch plexiglass

An ice fishing shanty provides adequate protection against cold weather elements while you are enjoying your ice adventure. An ice shanty is a portable shelter that is easy to carry around and set-up. Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on how to build an ice fishing shanty.



Step 1-Door Opening

Put down the two pieces of ¼-inch 4x8 plywood and make sure that their measurements are equal. Create the door opening by cutting a 20x50-inch gap at the mid-portion for each of the 4x8 ¼-inch plywood.

Step 2-Gable

The gable on the two 4x8 plywood located on both sides should be marked and cut. This will make the measurement of the plywood at 651/2 inches (measured from the top) and 591/2 inches (measured from the gable).

Step 3-Boards

Connect 2x2 inch boards beside the gables of the 4x8 inch plywood. Attach the boards to the gables with screws.

Step 4-Bottom Plate

The 2x4 inch board may be utilized for the bottom plate of the structure. Make the bottom plate sturdier with the addition of a “filler” piece taken from the 4x8 inch plywood.

Step 5-Door Frames

Out of a 4x8 ½-inch plywood, create pieces that measure 24x52 inches. Set an allowance of 1 ½ inches all through out each piece. The pieces will constitute the door frames and the door of the shanty. Cut through the inside measurements only making sure that cutting do not go over the 1 ½ inch set.

Step 6-Door Windows

Determine where the door windows of the ice shanty will be positioned. Create two 6x12-inch openings.

Step 7-Door Frame

The frame and the door of the ice shanty must be centered. The hinges must be securely screwed. The doors should sway out when they are opened. Connect doors to the two 4x8 plywood.

Step 8- Flooring

The floor should be framed using 2x2-inch boards. The length of the shanty is a personal preference but the standard dimension is 48x78 inches. The plywood should be nailed to the 2x2 inch boards. Find where to put the ice holes in the structure and cut 8-inch holes.

Step 9-Fastening

Fasten the 4x8 plywood pieces to the back and front of the shanty including hinges. Make sure the plywood pieces stay securely attached using a wood scrap nailed to it from end to end of the gable.

Step 10-Tarp

Three poles should be positioned at the center area of the shanty. Spread the tarp over the shanty top and fasten the end parts to the gables. Attach 1 ½ inch strips of the plywood to the two sides of the gable.

Step 11-Door/Locks

Attach two 2x4 inch runners to both sides of the shanty’s door opening. The plexiglass pieces should be pre-drilled and screwed to the doors. Put locks to the interior and exterior of the doors.