How to Build an Infinity Pool

A woman at an infinity pool.
  • 8-10 hours
  • Advanced
  • 1,000-2,000
What You'll Need
Measuring tool
Shovel and backhoe
Pool plumbing
Wire meshing
Gunite sprayer
Final finish material
Concrete sand and water

An infinity pool is also referred to as a vanishing edge pool or a zero-edge pool. The only thing that differentiates an infinity pool is that it usually has only three regular sides and—a fourth side joins with the horizon. This illusion is propagated by constructing the pool next to a mass water body like a lake or an ocean in such an orientation that it appears to seamlessly join with it. An infinity pool is an object of pure serenity and beauty. While this design was initially reserved for expensive hotels, infinity pools have now become a common feature in many 21st century homes. The construction of an infinity pool is not very different than that of a regular pool.

Step 1 - Set the Three Edges

Use concrete or tiling to demarcate the three edges of the infinity pool that are not the 'vanishing" one. The latter edge has to be laid out below the water level, which allows water to flow out into a waterway that also must lead the water back into the pool. This end of the pool should face a beautiful landscape feature, like mountains or an ocean. If an attractive view is not naturally available then an artificial backdrop can be constructed as a replacement.

Step 2 - Take Advantage of Gravity

If the site is sloping, you need to utilize this feature. Map out the vanishing end of the infinity pool on the lower area so that the water flows out by natural processes.

Step 3 - Dig

Excavate the area for the pool with your shovel. Dig out the foundation for the infinity pool according to design.

Step 4 - Prepare Gunite

Prepare the gunite, which is a mixture of cement and sand that is sprayed through a nozzle on the area under construction. Just before the mixture is jetted out, water is introduced to form a paste.

Mix the three in the correct proportions to obtain the right mixture using the appropriate machinery. Consult a professional on how to operate it, and make sure you have the appropriate material for your infinity pool.

Step 5 - Add Plumbing

Install the plumbing. Use 3/8-inch rebars 10 inches apart and wind the wire around them. Next, spray the gunite mixture on them and make sure the setup is firm. Use a heavy coating of gunite to spray the rebar. Smooth the gunite using the trowel. Make sure this setup is compact and it forms the foundation of the infinity pool in the way you want it shaped.

Step 6 - Finalize

After you’ve allowed the setup to settle and dry for a week, apply a plaster finish to complete the job. Get a sufficient water source for the infinity pool and install a pump to return the water once it leaves the vanishing end.