How to Build an Outdoor Cat Enclosure

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Chain link fencing
Wood panels
Cat door
Plastic security ties
Staple gun

An outdoor cat enclosure is a great accessory to have if you are a cat lover. An outdoor cat enclosure provides a safe yet exciting environment for your cat to stay in. Cats love to play outdoors, but some elements may be dangerous for them. So an outdoor cat enclosure is the best way to keep them in a secluded area which will still intrigue them. It is fairly easy to build an outdoor cat enclosure.

Step 1: Build a Fenced Area

Start off by examining the area you have available. To have a safe cat enclosure you have to build a fence around the area. Building the fencing from scratch yourself is not an overly difficult task although it may be a bit time consuming. The enclosure can be built in a size and shape you desire, but it is best to build it in a rectangular layout for simplicity's sake. Try to select an area that is near a door or window in your house and that is not exposed to constant direct sunlight. You may also wish to cover at least part of the area, to divert sun rays and also to lessen wind gusts.

Step 2: Build Shelves and Perches

Once the enclosure is ready it is recommended that you build some shelves and perches so as to enable the cats to have spots where they can do some basic climbing and jumping. This will make the area more enticing for the cats to play in

Step 3: Purchase and Assemble a Small Gazebo

A very easy way to enhance the outdoor cat enclosure is to purchase a gazebo which comes in pre-built format and simply requires a few basic assembly procedures. Build it up in an area within the enclosure which does not recieve direct sunlight and which is relatively near to a door from your house. The gazebo will not only make the cat enclosure more engaging for the cat to have fun in this special area, but it will also serve to provide a pleasant spot for you as well if you wish to spend time outdoors with your pets.

Step 4: Continue to Extend the Fence

Continue building the fence that will lead to a door or window in your house. This will obviously require you to make use of a safe material for your cats. Galvanized chain link fencing is usually the best type. It may also require a number of plastic ties for additional security at regular spaces.

Step 5: Install a Cat Door

Once the fence is ready all you need to do is to install a cat door to enable better access to the cat.