How to Build an Outdoor Water Fountain

Lead Image
  • 3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 150-200
What You'll Need
Electric drill
5/8 inch drill bit
Water pump of sufficient Power
Plastic tub as reservoir
Copper tubing
Pointed shovel
Conduit to house power cable
Power outlet
Razor knife
Silicone caulk

An outdoor water fountain is just the thing you need to transform your backyard into a relaxing site where you can let go and enjoy the sounds of trickling water. Although fountains can be creatively modeled to suit different themes, the basic principles of making one remain the same. The steps described below will guide you how to make a stone fountain in your backyard.

Step 1 - Take Necessary Precautions

The process of making a fountain involves working with stones, power tools, and gravel. All of these can injure you in multiple ways and it is because of this that we highly recommend that you wear gloves at all times. Before working with power tools make sure that you have gone through the user guide and are well versed in the safety precautions associated with using such equipment.

Keep a facemask on at all times because drilling through stones produces a lot of dust that can induce allergies or severe coughing. After you have gone through these precautions move on to the next step.

Step 2 - Prep the Ground for the Pump and Reservoir

Choose a location that is near the power outlet, as the use of extension wires is not recommended so as to prevent electrocution. Use a pointed shovel to dig a hole deep enough to safely house the plastic reservoir and a trench leading to the power outlet for the conduit and the power cable. After this, fit in the plastic reservoir on top of a layer of gravel and place the water pump in the middle. Thread the power cable via the conduit to the power outlet and fill in the trench that you made earlier. This concludes the preparations for the pump and the reservoir.

Step 3 - Build the Base of the Fountain

In order to house stones on top and to stop dirt from falling into the reservoir, install a screen at the opening of the hole and cut a service outlet using a razor knife so that you can have access to the pump for servicing. Attach a copper pipe to the pump outlet and after cutting a hole in the screen for the pipe, extend it out of the hole. Use a handsaw to cut the decking to serve as a base for the stones. After you have done this, it is time to move on to drilling the stones.

Step 4 - Prep the Stones

Use rounded stones for the best aesthetic effect and drill in holes in such a way that each stone can be stacked on top of the other in a stable configuration. Slide the copper pipe through the largest rock first and the smallest rock last in such a way that ¼ inch of the pipe is hidden from view at the end.

Step 5 - Finish Up

Use a hose to fill the reservoir from the service outlet and turn on the power. Water will start to gush out from the pipe opening. After you have double-checked the rock formation and water flow, turn the power off and apply silicone caulk between the rocks to permanently attach them. Only turn on the water after the adhesive has dried. Your water fountain is now ready to be used.