How to Build and Align a Rip Fence

What You'll Need
Table saw
Tape measure
4 foot 3/4 inch pipe
Pipe clamps
Wood screws

A rip fence on a table saw is an invaluable part of the tool. With this rip fence you are able to rip wood along the grain for a wide variety of projects and circumstances. If you are not using a rip fence on your table saw, you will notice that the cuts are not as accurate as it could be. Many rip fences that are supplied with the table saw are less than desirable. Making your own rip fence will not only provide you with a quality cut every time, but is also very easy to do. 

Step 1 - Measure Table Saw 

In order to make a working rip fence you will need to know the measurement of the table saw that you are working with. You are only looking for the measurement of the table saw from the front to the back. 

Step 2 - Cut Plywood Pieces

For this particular rip fence you will need to have 2, 4 inch wide strip of plywood. You will also need 2, 2 inch wide strips of the plywood. Once you have the 4 pieces of plywood cut you can trim them to match the measurement of the table saw. 

Step 3 - Cut Squares

After you have the strips of plywood finished, you need to cut out 2 squares that are 2 1/2 inch wide and 2 1/2 inch long. Drill a hole in the center of each one of these plywood squares. 

Step 4 - Build Rip Fence Body

To make the rip fence body you will be making a square tube. Use the 4 inch wide strips as the sides and the 2 inch wide strips as the top and bottom. Connect these pieces with the wood screws. Once the square tube is made, place one of the plywood squares in one end of the tube. Position it so that it is flush with the outside edge. Secure this square with wood screws. Repeat the process with the other end and the other square. 

Step 5 - Build Pipe Clamp

Take one end of the pipe clamp and thread it onto the 4 foot length of pipe. Slide the pipe into one end of the square tube and through the other end. Fasten the pipe clamp end to this section of the pipe. 

Step 6 - Place on Table Saw

Once the rip fence has been completed set it on top of the table saw. The cranking end of the pipe clamp should be facing towards you. Position the jaws of the pipe clamp downwards and slide the rear part of the clamp towards the table saw. Both ends of the clamp should be making contact with the saw. 

Step 7 - Align and Use

To easily align this rip fence you only need to loosen the pipe clamp and move the fence to where you want it. Use a tape measure and measure the distance on the front and back of the miter slot to the rip fence. The measurement should be the same. Once it is, then tighten the clamp on the rip fence and you will make perfect cuts every time.