How to Build Basement Storage Ceiling Shelves

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What You'll Need
2x4 boards
1x10 plank
Tape measure

Basement storage is a perfect solution when you need to store things in a temperature controlled area. Follow these steps to maximize the storage space available in your basement by installing hanging shelves.

Step 1 - Cutting the Wood

Use a strong wood that will hold up under many conditions. Put a 2x4-inch board on your work surface measure its length. Mark the center of the board with a pencil. Cut along the line to create two 48-inch pieces of wood. These will be your crosspieces.

To make the support beams for the hanging basement storage, cut another 2x4-inch board into 4 even pieces. They will act as the vertical supports for the basement ceiling shelves. Adjust the length of the vertical supports based on the height of your ceiling and how low you want the storage shelves to hang. Measure and cut the 1x10-inch plank into 4 52-inch pieces.

Step 2 - Assembling the Basement Storage Shelves

With your pieces of wood cut, you can now start build the basement storage shelves. Place the crosspieces you cut on your work surface. The vertical supports are what will hold the weight that you place on the shelf.

Place one vertical support flush against an end of the crosspiece at a 90-degree angle and nail it into place. Do the same with the another vertical support at the other end. When you are finished you will have 2 basement storage shelf assemblies.

You can create as many storage shelf assemblies as you would like. If you plan to store heavy objects like tools or large toys, consider using screws instead of nails and install metal corner brackets for added strength.

Step 3 - Attaching the Basement Storage Shelves to the Ceiling

Determine where you want to place your hanging basement storage shelves. Nail 1 storage shelf in place by nailing or screwing it to the ceiling joists. Place a mark 48-inches from the first storage shelf. Install the second hanging shelf at this mark so that they are 48-inches apart.

To finish the basement storage shelves, slide the four of 1x10-inch planks into the hanging assemblies parallel to each other. Nail each of the four planks in place.