How to Build Closet Shoe Shelves

What You'll Need
1 by 8 boards
Tape measure
Table saw
1 1/2 inch wood screws
3/4 inch plywood
Stain or paint

One way to get rid of shoe clutter is to build some shoe closet shelves for organizing, and finding, the different kinds of shoes that are worn on different occasions. Simple tiered shoe closet shelves are the best option for this as you can use them in other closets and are very customizable. Building a shelves in the closet for your shoes is a very easy project. There are some power tools that will be used, so safety should always be practiced.

Step 1 - Decide Upon Design

When building shoe closet shelves there are plenty of different designs that you can follow. Think about the number of shoes that you own and how you would like them to be configured. For this project, the design is a simple two-tiered rack that will hold several pairs of shoes for great organization.

Step 2 - Cut Sides

Using the table saw, cut the 1 by 8 boards into 4 foot sections. You will need to have 4 of these.

Step 3 - Mark Boards for Shelves

Use a tape measure and mark a position 12 inches up from the bottom of the board. Use a protractor and mark off a 20 degree angle. Draw a line from this mark to the other edge of the board. Draw a parallel line exactly 1 inch above. Repeat this process another 12 inches above the second line that was drawn. Do the same set of lines on another of the 1 by 8 boards. This will serve as the slot the shelves will slide into. These slots should be angled away from the front of the wood.

Step 4 - Use Router to Make Slots

Set a straight cutting bit into the router and set the depth so it is 3/4 of the way through the wood. Cut out the wood from between the two 1 inch lines. Make sure not to go over the marks.

Step 5 - Cut Plywood for Back

Mark a piece of the 3/4 inch plywood for a 4 foot by 4 foot section. Cut this out with a circular saw.

Step 6 - Install Back to Shelves

Drill 4 pilot holes into the plywood backing. There should be one in each corner of the plywood. Set the 2 pieces of 1 by 8 on their sides and set the plywood on top of them. Line up the edges and secure with the wood screws. Use a small nail set to tap the screw heads in below the surface of the wood.

Step 7 - Apply Wood Putty and Sand

Use some wood putty to cover the screw heads and sand it smooth. Continue sanding the entire shelving unit for preparation to paint or stain. Remember to sand the other 2 pieces of 4 foot 1 by 8. These will serve as the shelves.

Step 8 - Paint Shoe Closet Shelves

Once the shelving unit is sanded smooth, use your choice of paint or stain. Once the paint, or the stain, has dried drop the shelves into the slots and start to organize your shoes.