How To Build Concrete Block Walls

What You'll Need
Steel sash or wood
Capping or header unit

Concrete block walls can be a challenge to build, and you will need to make sure you get some help for some of the tasks involved with this labor intensive DIY project. You also need to make sure that you have a relatively clean concrete slab or foundation, so that you can securely attach the concrete blocks. Optionally, you could use a footing. Here's how to get started:

Step One - Measure Your Wall Span

Measure the span of the wall you wish to create, and sketch a drawing to reflect your measurements. This will help you visualize the wall before you get started. It will also help you when you begin to lay blocks or bricks.

Step Two - Determine Material Requirements

Calculate the number of bricks or concrete blocks you will need in order to make the wall. If you have trouble doing this, the people at the hardware store where you purchase your concrete blocks will be able to help you.

Step Three - Getting It Straight

Drive your stakes into the points where you wish your corners to be. Use a plumb bob with a string to ensure that the stakes are aligned correctly.

Step Four - Laying the Blocks

Start by placing your bricks or concrete blocks at the corners and work towards the center. This will help ensure that your walls are straight. When spreading the mortar, use a trowel to spread mortar slightly beyond the length and width of the brick or block you wish to place.

Once a block is placed, use the trowel to wipe away any excess mortar. Make sure that the block is straight and firmly seated before moving onto the next one.

Step Five – Lay More Corner Blocks

Repeat the process in step 4 for all of the other corners of your wall. Make sure your corners are built up first before starting on the center areas of the wall. This will help keep your wall straight and act as a guide in placing additional bricks or concrete blocks. You can use a plumb bob or a level to make sure the blocks are straight.

Step Six - Finishing Up

After you've finished laying blocks from the corners to the center of each wall, go back and tap the blocks with a rubber mallet while the mortar is still wet. Repeat the procedures in steps 4 and 5 for all areas of the wall and until the wall reaches your desired height.