How to Build Cornice Boards

Cornice boards can change the overall look of the room, but are simple to make in your home with basic tools and skills.

Building a Cornice Board

To build a cornice board, you need basic plywood, some nails, a saw, and a hammer. Measure out the board to create the length of the board and then measure two sides which will attach to the wall where the window is located. Attach the smaller pieces to the large piece, creating a thin table like structure. Nail the pieces into each other after adding some wood glue to the edges which mean for extra stability. Sand down any rough edges as well as the surface of the board and you’re ready to decorate.

Decorating Cornice Boards

You can then cover the cornice board with wallpaper or paint to add style and charm to the look. Some like to stable fabric onto the board as well, stapling it over the wood and into the back of the board, unseen. Others like to add pieces of crown molding for a polished appearance.

Building a cornice board takes only an hour or so, but the effects on the décor on your room last far longer.