How to Build Crown Molding Decorative Shelves

What You'll Need
Wood Boards
Tape Measure
Crown Molding
Wood nails

Installing decorative shelves into your home can create an interesting and attractive feature in your rooms. Buying and fitting decorative shelves can be very expensive, and you may not be able to find one which is suitable for your needs. If you want a crown molding shelf, but can't find the right size for your room, then one alternative is to try adding a decorative shape to wooden boards, and then installing these as your shelves. Making decorative shelves using crown molding is an easy way to create better-looking shelves, and can be accomplished using some basic household tools and following some simple steps.

Step 1 - Measure and Cut Boards

Measure the area that you wish to cover with shelving, and any large items that you wish to store on the shelves. You should also calculate the depth of each of the shelves. Work out how many shelves you will need for the area. Make a note of these numbers, and then mark out the sizes on some wooden boards. The boards need to be wide enough to support your items. Use your saw to cut down the boards, one for each of the shelves, two for the sides, two for the top and bottom, and one for the back. The back board needs to be large enough to cover the length of the shelves, and be screwed to the sides.

Step 2 - Make the Crown Molding

Lay out your crown molding, and use the measurements from your shelving lengths to mark the crown molding. When you are making decorative shelves, you can add the decoration to either the top of the shelving, or to each of the shelves. If you want to use molding along the sides, you will also need to make sure that the top piece of molding is wide enough to cover the sides, so a molding which is half-an-inch in width should have a top piece of the length of the shelf, plus half an inch. Cut down the molding so that each is the perfect length.

 Step 3 - Build the Shelves

Set up your wooden shelves, screwing or nailing the pieces together. As you will be covering some of the wood with your crown molding, you do not need to varnish the wood at this stage. Instead, place a nail in each of the corners, so that they form a rectangular shape with shelves in the internal space. Nail the back to each of the four corners.

Step 4 - Add the Crown Molding

Take your crown molding, and fit the side pieces. Hammer in a nail along the side of the molding, fitting the joints directly into the space. Take the top piece, and lay it over the top front of your shelves. Add nails into the wood at the sides, so that they cannot be seen from the front of the decorative shelves. Add caulk along the nail holes, smoothing it down until it is flat against the wood. Apply the varnish to your shelving, and leave to dry.