How to Build Deck Planter Boxes

What You'll Need
Small nails
Exterior paint
Measuring tape

Deck planter boxes let you enjoy nature without having to maintain an elaborate garden. When you fill planter boxes with beautiful flowers, you can enjoy their beautiful scents. You can also fill planter boxes with fresh herbs, which is convenient when cooking outdoors. Planter boxes for the deck are both practical and beautiful. Here's a guide to help you build your own deck planter boxes:

Step 1 - Size

What size of planter box do you want to build? Consider the amount of space you have on the deck and what you want to use the planter boxes for. A smaller planter of 8 inches by 8 inches will be large enough for one plant or a group of plants in a tight space. A larger planter is ideal for more than one plant, or a small herb garden.

Step 2 - Purchase Lumber

Buy untreated lumber at your local home improvement store. The planter boxes you build can either be square or rectangular.  

Step 3 - Cut the Lumber

Once you know how long you want the planter to be, cut two sections of lumber to the appropriate length. Then cut the bottom section to a length that's twice the width of the lumber. This will ensure you have enough space for the end pieces. The bottom of the box is going to be the same size as the sides. You'll also need to cut a piece of plywood to fit the bottom of the box if your planter is going to be wider than the width of the lumber.  

Step 4 - Assembly

Put the box together by nailing the front and back so that the ends rest flush. Tap the bottom into place, making sure it fits tightly. Nail everything to secure it together. Drill drainage holes every 6 inches in the bottom of the box, starting 6 inches from the edges.  

Step 5 - Sanding

The final step is to sand the box and seal it. Deck planter boxes should not be made of raw wood. After you have sealed the boxes, let them dry fully and then paint them the color you want.  

Some Helpful Advice

You can always increase or decrease the size of the planters you decide to build, depending on the type of plants you want to have on your deck. Have fun with this project, and don't be afraid to create planter boxes that will suit your unique needs.

Most homeowners want planter boxes on their deck or patio so that they can have a little bit of color in an area that is not normally teeming with plants. Planter boxes are also helpful if you don't have a garden due to space restrictions. Many people love the scents and sight of a beautiful garden, or would like to cultivate their own herbs. However, not everyone is able to fit a garden in their backyard.

Planter boxes allow anyone to enjoy nature, regardless of space. You can plant flowers, perennials, or even small vegetables in planter boxes. And to build the boxes yourself, you only need a few simple tools and materials.