How To Build Deck Supports

Building deck supports is a relatively simple process that can save you lots of money by undertaking it yourself rather than having someone else do it. With the housing market and general economy in decline, doing it yourself projects are a fantastic way to compensate. In addition, doing it yourself is often more rewarding than watching somebody else do it for you! Whether you believe you are “handy” or not, with the help of this article, you can certainly build your own deck supports.


The materials required include: posts, concrete mix, saw, hammer, nails, shovel, tape measure, wheelbarrow, mesh, anchors, and concrete stirrer.

Step 1

The first step is the most important because it will lay the ground work for the rest of the project. In order to ensure you have the proper support for the deck, you must thoroughly lay out deck area that you intent to build.

Step 2

Now that you have the layout of the deck area and know the number of support posts needed for the structure, it’s time to dig holes for the posts. Use your shovel to dig these holes and make sure they are deep enough (around two feet deep normally, possibly deeper if you live in a colder climate and have frequent frosts). The width of the hole should be approximately one foot to one and a half feet wide.

Step 3

Once every hole is dug and everything is properly laid out, you should begin to mix the concrete. It is often most convenient to use the wheelbarrow for the mixing process since it can be poured in after it is thoroughly mixed. To mix, simply follow the instructions on the back of the concrete mix bag. As soon as you determine the concrete is properly mixed as stated on the bag, begin filling each of the empty holes with the mix. Remove any air pockets in the concrete by quickly mixing it again once it is in the hole you have dug.

Step 4

Install your post anchors by placing them in the holes while the concrete is still wet. These anchors are where you are eventually going to fasten the wooden posts to.

Step 5

After the concrete is set and fully dry, you should purchase the wood that you will use for your posts. When you have the wood that you will use, you need to cut the wood planks to the right length that you have chosen for your posts. To be on the safe side, you should allow a few inches of leeway since some of the holes may not be exactly the same depth. This will prevent some of the posts from being too small and therefore threatening the integrity of the entire deck structure. Once you have attached the posts to the anchor in the hole by using nails or screws, take a look at the height of the posts. If some posts are loner than other than make sure you adjust that by making extra cuts.