How To Build Drawers

Knowing how to build drawers can be a great skill for anyone. Drawers are always a handy thing to have, and they don’t have to be difficult to create. You only need a little experience in do it yourself projects to accomplish this, and you can create a complete set of drawers in just a matter of hours. There are many methods, here we will go over one way to make wood drawers.

Tools You Will Need

-Plywood, both ¼ and ½ inch
-Wood Glue
-One Inch Brads
-Table Saw

Step 1

Determine what size you need the drawers to be. You will need to know how long, tall, and deep they will be. Write down the numbers so you can make sure you purchase the appropriate amount of wood and other supplies.

Step 2

Cut plywood in to blocks. You will use the ½ inch wood for this. The blocks need to be the length of the drawer. Once they are the appropriate length you can move on to cutting them down to the right height. These pieces will serve as the drawer sides.

Step 3

Use your table saw to create dado’s. The depth needs to be ¼ inch. The dado’s will be used for the bottom of the drawer.

Step 4

Use the saw again to make another pass through the half inch plywood. You can test the dado by sliding it in to the dado you already created. You can make another pass if necessary. The snugger the fit the better you are.

Step 5

Use the saw to create blocks for the front of the drawers as well as the back. You can get the measurements for these by taking the measurements from the width of the drawer and taking off one inch. Measure the drawer from the top side to the dado top.

Step 6

Make the bottom. Measure the drawer length on the side and mark this. This will show you how deep the drawer needs to be. Also measure the front and add 7/16 of an inch to the number. This will be how wide the bottom is. Start cutting the parts.

Step 7

Apply wood glue to the dado from top to side to assemble the back of the drawer. Place the back of the drawer on the glue and attach the brads. Any extra glue can be wiped away with a damp sponge.

Step 8

Put the bottom in and make sure it fits. As long as it does you can apply glue to the edge on the bottom and place the bottom in. Secure this with the brads as well.

Step 9

Glue any exposed edges down. Place the remaining side in and attach a brad. Wipe away any left over glue.

Step 10

If you want to paint or finish the exterior of the drawers, now is when you would do this. Once that’s done, you can attach any hardware you wish.

Once all the glue has dried your drawers are ready to be used!