How To Build DVD Wall Storage

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What You'll Need
1/2 -inch oak plywood
1/4 -inch oak plywood
2 inch finish nails
Nail gun
Wood trim
Table saw or circular saw
Small L-brackets

Keeping your DVDs organized can be easily done with a stylish and easy to build DVD wall storage cabinet. A DVD collection can mean hours of entertainment and family fun. However, keeping all those DVDs organized can be an exercise in futility.

Many people have DVD cases laying all over the place. This DVD wall storage will help you keep things organized with your DVD collection within easy reach.

Step 1 - Measure

Getting your DVD wall storage center will require you to take some measurements. Find the location of the wall where you would like to place the DVD wall storage. You do not want to build a large piece as it will get loaded down quickly and put stress on the wall hanging. It would be better to build two DVD wall storage centers than one big one.

Step 2 - Cut Back

Cut the ½-inch plywood down to the dimensions you need for the backing of the DVD wall storage. Remember a typical DVD case is 7½ inches tall by 5¼ inches wide. A wall storage unit that is at least three tiers tall would be good to start with.

Step 3 - Cut Sides

Cut out the sides of the storage center with the ½-inch plywood. Cut them to the height of the plywood backing. You can now also cut out a 5½-inch strip of ½-inch plywood for the top and the bottom of the case.

Step 4 - Assemble

table saw

Assembling the case will require some 45 degree angles. Set your table saw mitre gauge for 45 degrees and cut the sides, top, and bottom on their sides to the 45 degree angles.

Lay out the pieces on a flat work surface and put the boards together. While dry fitting the sides, drill small pilot holes for the finish nails so the wood does not crack or split. Spread wood glue on each corner and then nail together. Put clamps around the corners and let sit for a day.

Take the back of the DVD wall storage unit and nail to the back of the cabinet with the finish nails.

Step 5 - Cut Strips

Cut out five ½-inch strips out of the ¼-inch plywood to the width of the storage center. Space them out according to the height of the wall center. Install with the L-brackets and wood screws.

Step 6 - Finish

paint brushes resting atop cans of stain

Oak plywood doesn't need a lot of finishing work because it is already a beautiful wood. However, you will want to seal the wood and possibly add a light stain to bring out the wood grain. You can add a light varnish to the DVD wall storage and then let dry for a day.

Attach a hanger to the back of the DVD wall storage, on each side, and hang according to the position you picked out earlier. Once it is level, you can begin loading it up with your DVD collection.