How to Build Firewood Storage Racks in Your Outdoor Shed

The simplest way of being sure you will have a reasonable supply of ready fire wood for the winter is to store the logs in firewood storage racks in your outdoor shed.

The freshly-cut lumber is not going to burn immediately and needs to be dried. You have to also store the dried out wood. You require a suitable place to stuff it where the sun and wind can dry up the wood and in addition it is protected from the bad weather as well as moisture and will not rot. Most fire wood sheds or outdoor racks have a roof and supports on three sides. The stacker is made to keep the logs above the ground.

One other alternative is a basic-roofed frame all sides open and with only a raised floor. The wood is stored off the ground. This guards the timber from bad weather and allows it to get dried by the air. Log stackers are less expensive than a proper firewood shed and can serve you in a same manner.

Making firewood racks is easy. Outdoor firewood racks can hold sufficient fire wood for you.

 Tools and Materials:

  • Treated Wood
  • Exterior Quality Plywood
  • Wood screws
  • Carpenter square
  • Woodworking saw
  • Screw drive
  • Power hand drill

Step 1- Building the Base

Take two 2x2x8 feet wood planks and lay them about 16 feet apart on a flat surface.

Take two planks of 2x6x16 feet long for left and right end cross bracing. Fix them at each end of the 2x2x8 feet planks with the help of 2 inch wood screws. Use a carpenter square to ensure that the ends of the longer planks square. Cut five 16-inch-long pieces for base cross-bracing. Fix them at even spacing across braces with screws. Flip it over, when the base structure is done.

Step 2- Building the end Panels

Cut two pieces of length 48 inches each for upright supports. Lay these planks on a flat surface.

Cut two pieces of exterior quality plywood into two pieces 16 x48 inches to make the left and right end panels. Fix the plywood pieces to the 2x4 pieces with 2 inches screws. In a similar way, produce a second end panel.

Step 3-Assembling the end Panels to Base

Fix the end panel on right to its base with 3 inches screws. Fix the left end panel also in the same manner.

Step 4- Installing the Support Braces

Cut four pieces of plywood of 1 x1 feet. Cut them at 45 degrees in the middle diagonally to use as corner blocks. Attach one piece at each corner with 12 inches screws to fix it rigidly.

Step 5- Finishing the Rack

Place the rack in its upright position and apply a good exterior primer. Allow it to dry. Paint it with good-quality paint for exterior use. Install it in its place and use. Make more racks according to your requirement.