How to Build Flared Roof Eaves

What You'll Need
Rafter tail blocks
Table Saw
1x6-inch boards
Deck Screws (optional)
Insulation (optional)

It is standard procedure to build eaves on any building, but adding flared roof eaves really provides a decorative effect. At first glance, you may think this would be a really challenging task, but it is quite simple to achieve. All you do is build the standard type of eaves and add on to it to make the flared edge.

Step 1 – Find the Number of Rafter Tail Blocks You Need

The size of the roof will determine the number of rafter tail blocks you need for the eaves. An easy way to find out how many you need for your project is to count the number of rafters you have in the roof. Mark the spots on the sidewalls where you need to place the tail blocks.

Size 2 – Saw the Rafter Tail Blocks

You must cut the rafter tails at the same angle as the rafters, and they must also be of the same width. Measure the width of the rafters, and run the tail block through the saw to achieve the same width. Then cut the board at the same angle. Work with one tail block at first to make sure that the width and the angle cut is correct before cutting any others.

Size 3 – Secure the Rafter Tail Blocks

Nail the rafter tail blocks to the 1x6-inch boards. When you have them all in place, start nailing the boards in place along the sidewalls of the building in the places that you marked in Step 1. Use your level to make sure that the boards are level from end to end. You also have to ensure that you nail the boards into studs in order to make sure they stay in place.

Step 4 – Make the Flared Edge for the Eaves

You cannot purchase wood that is already flared you must do this yourself. In order to create a flared look, you will simply have to attach or scab another piece of wood onto the existing eaves. You will need to cut the lumber in such a way that it looks like it curves up when attached to the existing eave. The amount of “flare” that you add to you eave will depend on how you cut the wood. Keep in mind that if you curve it too much, you will not be able to sheet it over.

Step 5 – Sheet up the Eaves

Cover the eaves with plywood. Simply run the sheet of plywood through the saw to obtain the same measurements as the width of the rafter tail blocks plus the width of the flared eave you added. Nail the plywood in place, and stain or paint it in the color of your choice.