How To Build Garage Partition Walls

Lead Image
  • 8-40 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 800-2,000
What You'll Need
Tape Measure
2X4 inch studs
Drill with masonry bits
Table Saw
Drywall screws
Putty Knife
Regular nails
Stud finder
Drywall tape
Joint Compound

Building garage partition walls can give you additional workspace in your home. Many people with large two-car garages will do this to separate a workshop space away from their car. Building a garage partition wall is the same as building a wall in your home. Here’s how you can do this.

Step One- Measuring

You want to start by measuring. You will need to measure both the length you want your wall, and the height from floor to ceiling. The most common measurements are 5 feet long by 8 feet high, so we will include instructions for this. If your wall will be a different size, make the necessary adjustments.

Step Two- Cutting the Wood

You will want to cut two 2X4 boards to 5 feet long. Cut two more to 7’9” high. To get the height you will need to subtract the width of the stud. Now cut two more also 7’9”. You will need a stud for every 16 inches of wall you are building. Take the length of the walls and divide by sixteen to find the number you will need. For the wall we are building, you will need 4 since the number isn’t even with a 5-foot long wall.

Step Three- Arrange the Wood

Set the 2X4 boards on the floor. Arrange them with the 5-foot stud down horizontally, and the 7X9 studs down in a vertical fashion matching up with the 5-foot stud. Set the other 5-foot stud on top of the 7X9 studs horizontally. This should give you a box formation.

Step Four- Build the Frame

Hammer two nails on each end of the studs to hold the frame securely in place. Measure out 16 inches in the middle of the remaining studs and nail those to secure the rest of the frame.

Step Five- Find the Studs

Using the stud finder mark the stud on the garage ceiling. If your ceiling doesn’t have a stud you will need to nail a crossbar up to serve as support for the wall. You can do this by measuring the distance between the two beams. Cut two 2X4 boards to the same length as the distance between the beams. Nail these up to the beams in a crossing motion. You want to make sure there is even spacing all the way around where you will attach the wall.

Step Six- Attach the Frame

Lift the frame up so it will stand up to the ceiling. Attach the frame to the ceiling crossbars using 2 nails for each crossover.

Using your masonry bit drill through the concrete floor to anchor the frame down. You will want to do this every two feet.

Hammer down the anchors and tighten the nuts with your pliers.

Step Seven- Install Door

If your wall will be enclosed, you will want to make sure you leave a place for a door. Frame around the door in between the studs. Once you’ve framed out the door you can follow the directions provided by the door manufacturer.

Step Eight- Hang the Drywall

Start hanging the drywall ensuring you leave a ½ inch space at the bottom. Screw the drywall in using drywall screws. This needs to be done every 16 inches vertically. Continue to do this until you have gotten all-around from ceiling to floor.

Step Nine- Finish the Drywall

Now that the drywall is hung, you want to joint it in with mud. To do this you place a layer of joint compound on the seams using the putty knife and tape over it. Make sure you center it on the seam. Compound over the tape and smooth it out. You will want to wait for it to dry and then layer it again.

Continue this process until the seam disappears.

That’s it. Now you can paint or finish it however you choose.