How to Build Greenhouse Roll-Up Sides

What You'll Need
Galvanized Tube
Crank Handle
Ropes (optional)

Installing roll-up sides for your greenhouse can be very beneficial. For days when it is hot out you can take off the sides for your plants to get some ventilation. Whenever you need to lower the sides of the walls it is simple as well. This will help prevent an infestation of pests.

Step 1 – Greenhouse

Regardless of whether you are building the greenhouse yourself, having someone else do it or purchasing one, location is everything. You should never have your greenhouse on boggy ground. A lot of the location depends on the type of flowers or plants you are growing. If they require some shade then you should be sure to put your greenhouse underneath some trees. Keep in mind that you will probably end up having to get a building permit before you start on your greenhouse. Get with a building inspector to get all the necessary information before you start building.

Step 2 – Setup

Once you have purchased all necessary items you are ready to begin to build the roll-up sides for your greenhouse. You should begin by setting a metal pipe or galvanized tube along the bottom of the sides of your greenhouse. Make sure it is the same length as the sides. If necessary you can get pipes that fit together to ensure you get the exact right size. Be sure that you add the set screw to hold the junctions tightly together. Place the pipe onto the plastic that is lying out on the ground. From there you will roll the pipe with the plastic until you have the beginnings of a roll up forming.

Step 3 – Securing Plastic

With plastic conduit piping, you should make sleeves to go onto the metal pipes or galvanized tubes. Adding these sleeves will ensure that the plastic is held in place on the pipe or tube. To really get the plastic held securely you can add self tapping screws onto the conduit piping. All of your pipes together will work as one entire unit to roll up the plastic on your greenhouse. Ropes can be added at any time to ensure that they plastic or film stays in place when it is especially windy outside.

Step 4 – Advantages of Roll-Up Sides

Greenhouse ventilation is important when it comes to ensuring that your plants are able to flourish properly. Even during the winter time it can get too hot in your greenhouse. To be able to lift up the sides, even if just a little bit will ensure that your plants get good air circulation. This can prevent diseases and fungi. Not to mention that being able to change the air can create really good air circulation for your plants in your greenhouse. Any greenhouse can have roll-up sides added to it, regardless of the type or size. Most roll-up sides you get will come with all the necessary hardware to be able to successfully build add them onto your greenhouse.