How to Build Heavy Duty Garage Shelving

What You'll Need
2 4x4's, 8 feet long
3 2x12's, 4 feet long
3 2x4's, 4 feet long
9 2x4's, 12 inches long
9 joist hangers
Wood screws
Power drill and power screwdriver
Measuring tape
Stud finder

Garage shelving is where many people opt to store a wide variety of items in their home. Owing to the fact that many garages have a great deal of storage space, they oftentimes house the heaviest and bulkiest items. Therefore, your garage shelving should be especially heavy duty, in order to properly support the weight of these items. Read on for a brief guide on how to build heavy duty garage shelving with 3 shelves supported by wall supports.

Step 1 -- Locate the Studs

Your shelves will be the most secure if you attach them to the studs in the garage wall. Use the stud finder to locate the studs in the area in which you plan to install your shelves, then mark them on the wall.

Step 2 -- Plan the Shelves

Determine how wide the shelves can be. It's a good idea to run them between studs along the wall. When you've decided that, then you can choose how high up on the wall the first shelf will rest. Make a mark there after measuring it out with a tape measure. Use the level to draw a horizontal line across the wall that is as long as the shelf will be. Repeat this up the wall for 2 additional shelves.

If the 2x12's are too wide for the shelves that you've planned, use the saw to cut them down to size.

Step 3 -- Attach the Ledger Boards and Hangers

Attach the 4-foot 2x4's to the wall at the lines you've drawn, flat side against the wall. Use the power drill with a screwdriver bit to install these boards in the wall at the studs. Use at least 3 wood screws per board per stud. Make sure the boards are completely level and covering the line that you drew. With these boards in place, find the midpoint of each and install a joist hanger. Install another joist hanger at the endpoints of each. These will support the transverse boards that will support the shelves.

Step 4 -- Attach the Transverse Support Boards

Attach 3 of the 12-inch 2x4's as transverse boards along each ledger board, by installing them into the joist hangers. Use a power screwdriver to install them with standard screws. Ensure that they are secure before continuing.

Step 5 -- Install Horizontal Shelves

Next, lay the flat horizontal shelves (the 2x12's) across the 3 transverse support boards and against the wall. Use wood screws to attach them to the transverse beams and to the ledger boards.

Step 6 -- Install the Front Legs

The front legs of the shelf unit will provide extra support. Attach a 4x4 post to the side of the set of 3 shelves. Drive 3 wood screws through the side of the each transverse board into the 4x4. Repeat on the other side of the shelving unit.