How To Build Home Office Desks

What You'll Need
1/2 -inch Plywood
1x4 Lumber (12 ft)
1x2 Lumber (10 ft)
Circular saw
1 1/2 -inch Wood Screws
Wood Glue
Wood Putty
Polyurethane Finish
Safety Glasses

Building home office desks may be a less expensive alternative to purchasing a desk from an office supply or furniture store. This may also help you create a custom fit desk to meet the space needs of your home office, particularly if the office is located in a shared space.

These steps will help you build a comfortable and affordable desk that meets your home office needs.

Step 1: Prepare the Desk Pieces

Cut the ½-inch plywood to size adequate to fit your desk top. If you wish to also enclose the legs and front of the desk, cut additional pieces of plywood with the circular saw.

Prepare the plywood pieces by sanding the edges smooth. Using a power sander will make the work easier and consume less time than sanding by hand. When using a power tool, you should wear safety glasses.

For the legs, use the circular saw to cut 4 pieces of 1x4 lumber to size.

Step 2: Attach the Legs

Attach each of the 1x4 legs to the top piece of plywood to form a square. Pre-drill holes on the top of the plywood where each of the legs will be attached. Use the wood glue and screws to attach the legs. Sink the screws below the surface of the plywood in order to hide them from view. Cover the holes with wood putty and let dry.

If you choose, you can attach additional plywood pieces to the front and the sides of the desk. Use the drill to set the holes and attach the side and front pieces. Use the level to make sure that the desk is square.

Step 3: Create the Upper Frame

Cut 4 pieces of the 1x2 lumber to form a frame for the upper plywood piece. Join the 1x2 pieces to form the box and attach it to the underside of the top plywood. Secure using screws and glue. Cover all screw holes with wood putty.

Cut 3 pieces of 1x2 lumber using the circular saw. Attach the outer legs and front with the 1x2 pieces to add additional stability to the desk.

Step 4: Finish the Desk

With the assembly completed, stain the desk with a color of your choice and finish using the polyurethane seal. Apply 2 coats of stain and 1 to 2 coats of finish to complete the desk. Let it dry overnight and your new desk should be ready to use in your home office.