How to Build In-Ground Swimming Pool Steps

What You'll Need
Portland cement
White sand

In-ground pool steps are a necessity for any pool. When you've built your in-ground pool, you're probably going to want to have the steps to go with it so people can walk into the shallow end of your pool, or even just take the time to get used to the water. Not only do these steps serve a function, but they serve as an aesthetic attraction to your pool, and your backyard. In this article, we're going to discuss how to build the steps for your in-ground pool.

Step 1 - Drain the Pool

You are going to want to work with the pool while it is dry, otherwise you are going to have problems with your cement, sand, and caulking. If you work with a wet pool your bonding agents and mixtures are not going to bond correctly.

Step 2 - Use your Grinder

Use your grinder to grind the area to make sure that it stays smooth. Also, if you are working with a crack, you are going to want to widen it, as it is always going to be easier to work with a larger crack than a smaller one when it comes to filling.

Step 3 - Cut the Wood

stack of wood planks

Now you are going to want to cut your wood into individual hollow stair shapes. Cut your first piece to make your longest piece, and then stack them on top of each other to create the shape that you're going to fill and make your steps with. With each step make a shorter one until you reach the top of your pool. Make sure that your stair steps have a front, to ensure the mixture you're going to pour retains its shape.

Step 4 - Make Cement Mixture

Mix the Portland cement, white sand, and water. Mix this as finely as you can, as you want it to be smooth when it dries. Mix the cement in the bucket or wheelbarrow.

Step 5 - Pour the Mixture

mixing concrete in a bucket

Pour the mixture you just made into the staircase framing that you made in an earlier step. After you have poured the cement, take your trowel and smooth it out. Smooth it as much as you can. The smoother you make it while it's still wet, the better it's going to look when it dries.

Step 6 - Dry and Remove the Wood

Once everything has dried, it's time for you to remove your wooden frame from your steps. Once that has been done, you will see your new in ground swimming pool steps in their “do it yourself” glory.

Step 7 - Clean it Off

After you have removed your wooden framing, use your broom to sweep off any excess debris. Wait for a day before filling your pool with water. Once you have, you will have your very own DIY staircase up to par with a hotel pool, or any other professional pool installation.