How to Build Lattice Panels

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Sheets of lattice
Post hole digger
Concrete mix
Spirit level

If you are looking to construct an ornamental fence, then one of your best options is to choose lattice panels. These are constructed of wood parts which are wound together, creating the lattice effect that resembles an apple pie in appearance. Building a lattice panel made out of wood can sometimes be a rather complicated procedure, but you should be able to fit this into your schedule so that you can begin constructing the fence as soon as possible. Starting this job should be easy for those with a capacity for home improvements, and so long as you have some basic tools, you should be able to manage this.

Step 1 - Picking a Location

You will need to work out the best location for your lattice panels. You will need to include enough room for the panels and the posts which will be attached to them, so that you have plenty of space to fit them into the location. Most of the shop-made lattice panels will come in around 4 by 8 foot wide long panels, and you should aim to build your panels to the same length in order to keep it secure.

Step 2 - Dig the Post Holes

Once you have worked out the position of the panels, you should then dig the post holes. Use a post hole digger to make the holes into the right shape and size for the hole. The holes should be spaced around 8 feet apart, if you are making the lattice panels to a standard size. Once the post holes are made, Place the posts in to a suitable depth, securing them so that they will not be blown over. Push the post into a hole, keeping it upright, and then add a layer of concrete. Support the post until you dry out.

Step 3 - Attach the Lattice Posts

Take the first of your wooden panels, and attach it to the posts. Screw it into position, and then tighten it down to the post. Make a series of cuts on the board using a craft knife, and then sever the bottom, so that you have a series of hanging lengths of wood. Bring in the second wooden panel, and slide this onto the first. Make a number of cuts in this board, and then push the wood of the first board in and out of the slats in the latter. Secure the bottom of the wooden board with a piece of lumber.

Step 4 - Finishing the Lattice Panels

Repeat the making of the lattice panels for all of the fence panels that you need, and then leave them overnight. In the morning, coat them in a layer of varnish, so that they are protected against the wind and rain, and then leave to dry.