How to Build Portable Threshold Ramps

Lead Image
  • 2-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 150-200
What You'll Need
Two 3/4 -inch by 9 x 18-inch pieces of wood
Two 1 x 2 x 18-inch lengths of wood
Wood screws
Two hinges
Staple gun
Scrap piece of carpet to cover the wood

Threshold ramps are a must for any threshold or door entry that is over three-quarters of an inch tall. Three-quarters of an inch is the maximum height that a wheelchair can pass over comfortably. If you have a portable threshold ramp then you will always have the ability to enter most doorways without an issue. Building a temporary ramp is very simple and will not take long at all. In fact for the very simple ramp shown below one person should be able to complete the ramp in under an hour.

Step 1 - Cut to Size

If you purchased a large piece of wood, now is the time to cut all of your wood to size. Cutting the wood before you start your project is the kind of prep work that will make the actual project go much faster.

Step 2 - Cover

Cover each of the 9 x 18 pieces of wood with the scrap carpet. The carpet will make the ramp look better while providing some traction to the wheels of the item going over the threshold. Use the staple gun to secure the carpet to the boards.

Step 3 - Attach

The 1 x 2 board will be used to form the incline on the ramp. On one end of the carpeted wood, attach the board flush with the edge of the board. Use wood screws to ensure that they are attached securely. The ramp will provide almost 2-inches of lift for a threshold. Align the boards so that they are exactly the same next to each other. Use the hinges to attach them together. Attaching them with a hinge will allow you to fold the pieces together and save space if you should need to take it with you.

Step 4 - Different Sizes

You can use this basic build plan for different types of portable threshold ramps. Portable does not necessarily mean that you move it all the time, only that it is movable. You may have a larger area than you need a ramp for or a smaller door frame. The good news is that you can change the measurements of the wood to fit your needs. If you have metalworking skills, you can use scrap metal to build a ramp as well.

No matter what you need your ramp for, building one is simple. You will find that once you have basic woodworking skills you can take on any number of home improvement projects. They may not always be perfect or have the desired aesthetic appeal, but with practice, you will be able to make almost anything. Making a ramp portable means that you might need to make a few adjustments to each size. You also may find that the threshold that you are making a ramp for is extremely steep. This will mean that you will have to build a much larger access ramp. These can also be portable with the right adjustments.