How to Build Prefab Metal Garage Kits

What You'll Need
Metal garage kit

Metal garage kits are the easy way to build a metal garage. They’re intended for the person who wants a metal garage but who wants to save money by erecting it himself. Expect the project to take a couple of days at least, depending on the amount of help you have. Good preparation is vital for erecting metal garage kits. The work itself isn’t difficult, but it takes time to do it properly. Follow the simple steps below to build a prefab metal garage with a kit.

Step 1 - Preparation

Before you receive the metal garage kit, you need to prepare the ground. It needs to be leveled and you need to lay a concrete slab. Dig the foundation and lay and level the concrete for the size you need for the garage. Make sure it has a full week to cure before you begin building the metal garage kit.

Step 2 - Frame

The metal garage is a skin that sits on a metal frame. This means that the first thing to be put together is the frame. Start by putting together the frame for the four walls of the garage. It will be made of separate piece of metal that need to be bolted together. For this, use wrench and the socket set, always making sure that the bolts are very tight, but not tight enough to strip the threads.

After you construct the frame for the walls, you need to set them in place. The walls have to be bolted to the foundation so that the garage won’t shift in a high wind. Before doing that, however, the walls should be joined to each other in place on the foundation. This will require assistance, and until all four walls are joined, they will need to be braced upright. Once joined and in place, drill the needed holes into the foundation and use the bolts with the kit to secure to the concrete.

Step 3 - Arches

In many metal garage kits, the roof is curved and is supported by arches. These arches need to be put together and then set in place. This will require help and working on ladders. Start at one end, and bolt the arches in place. As soon as the second one is in place, add the braces between the first and second arch. Continue in this manner along the length of the garage, always checking that the bolts are tight.

Step 4 - Skin

The final step in erecting the metal garage kit is putting on the metal skin. These pieces need to be bolted to the frame. Work from the bottom up. One person can fit the metal sheets and push the bolts through, and the other, in the garage, can fit the nuts and help tighten them.

Move up the walls and complete them before working on the roof. Again, the metal roof sections will have to be bolted in place and you’ll be working on a ladder. On the roof work up from each side and then finish on the top of the arches.