How to Build Rails for a Basement Bar


Building a basement bar takes a lot of time, energy, and patience. To get a perfect basement bar out of all that time and energy, you should build a railing. There are many styles of railings that you can add to the basement bar. They can be made out of brass, silver, or wood. They can be attached directly to the basement bar as an extension of the whole, or they can be added at a later date. The following article will show you how to create a rail for your basement bar that can not only be added later but is also simple and inexpensive to make.

Measuring and Cutting the Rail

The type of wood that you use to make the railing on your basement bar is important. You do not want weak lumber. The best woods for this project are either poplar and pine. Both are beautiful and strong, so they will meet the needs of your basement bar rail.

Measure all sides of the bar at the lip. Keep each measurement separate as you will be placing one rail on each side. Use your measurements and purchase a commercial dowel rod that is the same size as the total length. Have the home improvement store shave one side down so that it is flat. Then have them cut it to the sizes you need.

Preparing the Rail

When you are finished cutting the dowel, use sandpaper to smooth the cut edges as well as to create a slight texture over the entire surface. Wipe the rod down with a damp cloth to remove the dust. When the rod has dried, you can stain it.

Soak a rag with the wood stain and ring it out before rubbing it onto the rod. If the stain is not dark enough, apply another coat. Measure 2-inches from the edges and place a mark on the flat side. Do this for each piece.

Between the two dots measure and place another dot every 6-inches. Choose a drill bit that is smaller than the wood screws and drill pilot holes through the dots you made. Repeat this same procedure for each side of the basement bar under the lip.

Installing the Brackets and the Rod

Place one bracket over a hole and screw it into place. Do so for each pilot hole that you made in each of the rod pieces. Line up one of the rods with the holes you made under the lip of the basement bar. Screw them in place, starting with the center holes and working toward the ends. Continue until each rail is secured to the bottom lip of the basement bar. Finish the rail by covering it with a layer of polyurethane to seal it.