How to Build Rustic Gates

What You'll Need
Old wood (from a farmhouse or barn)
Hot-dipped galvanized nails
Hand saw
Circular saw
Tape measure
Gate latch kit

Rustic gates provide your home with a down to earth, natural look. Building a rustic gate to complete your fencing can give your home a cabin look. Being able to build a rustic gate requires you to acquire old reclaimed wood from a barn or old farmhouse and repurpose it for use with your rustic gate design.

Here are the tools, materials and steps needed to complete the build of your rustic gate. Once built, this addition to your home’s fencing will bring you notice.

Step 1: Obtain Building Materials

Purchase hot-dipped galvanized nails for use in the build of your rustic gate. Galvanized nails are good for outdoor use since they can withstand various weather conditions and are designed not to rust. You will also need a hammer and handsaw for trim work on the gate. The larger pieces of wood will need to be measured and cut to size on a circular saw.

Obtain different pieces of old reclaimed wood for your rustic gate. The more weathered the wood looks, the better it will be to give you that rustic feel. Drive out to an old farmhouse or barn and ask the owner if they have any old sturdy wood pieces that you may have to build your fence. You can also check with a home improvement center to see if they have any wood pieces and remnants that may also give your gate a rustic look.

Step 2: Construct the Rustic Gate Frame

Join 4 pieces of the rustic wood using the L-brackets. Drill holes into the wood and screw the brackets into place. Place a long 2x4 piece of rustic wood across the middle of the box frame. This will provide additional support and stability to the gate frame.

Step 3: Place Pickets on the Frame

Cut additional pieces of rustic wood to form pickets for the rustic gate frame. Space the pickets about 1-inch apart and secure them to the frame with the galvanized nails. Place nails at the top, middle and bottom of the gate frame.

Step 4: Attach Hinges and Latch

Attach the hinges to the side of the gate and the side of the fence where the gate will be attached. Give the rustic gate several inches of ground clearance in order for it to swing freely. Secure the gate to the fence by screwing it into place on the hinges. Place the latch on the other side with the lock and handle attached to the gate and fence.

Step 5: Prime the Gate

Use a wood weatherizing primer to paint the gate and provide extra protection for your rustic gate. You can paint the gate if you like but it is not necessary to do so, if you want to keep that weathered, rustic look.