How to Build RV Cabinets

Building your own RV cabinets is an ideal way to make the most of the cramped areas in an RV. This will ensure maximum efficiency in terms of storage space and will also add an aesthetic appeal to your RV’s interior. Remember to only use moderately light materials in building RV cabinets to avoid adding excess weight to your vehicle.

Tools and Materials

  • 5/8-inch plywood
  • Building square
  • Level
  • 1x2-inch boards (preferably 2)
  • Cabinet doors and hinges 
  • Measuring tape

Step 1 – Measure the Dimensions Accurately

Use a measuring tape to make accurate measurements of the intended cabinet space. It would be best to only make 2 or 3 cabinet spaces per unit to make the cabinets easy to mount.

Step 2 – Frame the Cabinet

Use 5/8-inch plywood to frame the cabinet and secure using finishing screws and quality wood glue. Use a building square to ensure that the frames and side panels are even.

Step 3 – Attach Mounting Brackets and Cabinet Doors

Secure 2 pieces of 1x2-inch boards on the top back of the cabinet frame using wood glue and finishing nails. This will attach directly to mounting brackets placed on the RV wall. Install the hinges on the cabinet doors. Use a level to make sure that the doors are installed properly.

Step 4 – Attach Cabinet to RV Wall

Place the RV cabinets on the mounting bracket of the RV wall. Double check the mounting brackets for added safety.

You may install additional mounting brackets at the back bottom if you plan to store heavy items in the cabinets. This will guarantee a strong and secure construction.