How to Build Sauna Benches

What You'll Need
1x4 and 2x4-inch cedar wood timber planks
Corrosion Resistant Nails and Screws
Hammer or Screwdriver
Tape Measure

If you're lucky enough to have a luxurious sauna, you may be in need of some relaxing sauna benches. Since this type of seating can be very expensive, it will help save money to build your own. Typical sauna benches are tiered, which allows people to decide how high up they want to sit. Whether or not you want to make these benches are up to you. It's also possible to construct a much simpler design if you prefer.

With the right materials and equipment at your disposal, you can easily make your very own sauna benches from scratch. They will also be custom designed to your own sauna which mean they fit perfectly, unlike benches that are brought off the shelf.

Step 1 - Planning

It's important that your sauna benches are a good fit and designed perfectly for the room. The best way to ensure this is by drawing a plan of your room to scale so you can see how to fit the benches inside. You might find it easier to scale your sketch if you use graph paper. You can then measure up and figure out how you want your benches to be arranged. Classic sauna bench designs have 2 tiers of benches, and normally people sit on the top benches. Bear in mind that for every inch of elevation, the temperature can increase by one degree.

The design of the benches need to make it easy to sit and lie down on them. This means that it's important that they are wide enough for a body. Also leave gaps between the pieces of timber because otherwise they will warp.

Step 2 - Construction

Once you have your basic plan decided, you can set to work with construction. The basic idea is to create a frame out of 2x4-inch cedar wood and then cover it with 1x4 planksĀ  to make the seat. It's important to concentrate on building a sturdy bench, and it's much better to make it stronger than it needs to be rather than risking making it too flimsy.

When constructing the benches, you need to be using corrosion resistant fixings because the moisture in a sauna will make anything rust. It's also important to add plenty of cross-members to give the benches more stability, especially since you will be standing on the lower benches.

Step 3 - Finishing Touches

When fixing the sauna benches together, you should ideally be using blind screwing techniques. If this isn't possible, make sure that the screw heads are countersunk and any holes are filled to prevent water collecting.