How to Build Self-Enclosed Storage Shelves

What You'll Need
Hammer or drill
Screws or nails
Dimensions of the cabinet
Protective eyewear
Working gloves

Installing self-enclosed storage shelves by the garage area would be a big consideration to create space for cluttered things in the home. There are ready-made self-enclosed storage shelves that can easily be bought at home improvement stores but these are expensive. To be able to save, creating your own storage shelves is possible and simple to do.

Step 1-Determine the Type and Function of the Storage Shelves 

Determine what items need to be kept at storage shelves so that the right size may be created and the right materials can be purchased. You can choose between wall storage shelves or free-standing storage shelves.

Step 2-Determine the Size 

Once the items to be stored are classified, it is time to determine the sizing of the storage shelves. The depthness of the storage shelves or cabinets is the depth of the items to be stored and add two more inches for allowance. The length is the length of the items plus six inches for allowance and how wide it should be is the length enough to hold up all the items.

Step 3-Make a List of the Materials You Need

After figuring out the measurement of the storage shelves, determine how much wood is needed. As a standard rule, the storage shelves may need two pieces of plywood to cover the width by length measurement, two more pieces that are width by depth, two pieces for the depth by height. Extra plywood is needed to make the leg support, the shelvings and the edging of the storage shelves.

Step 4-Purchase the Materials

Find a construction supply store or lumberyard where the needed materials are readily available offering good prices. Purchase items needed like the plywood, paint, weatherproofing, screws, nails, hardware and doorknobs.

Step 5- Cutting

The plywood should be measured and cut based on the measurements for the storage shelves or cabinets that were earlier determined prior to purchasing the materials. Upon cutting the wood, you now have the top, bottom, back and two sides of the shelves.

Step 6-Assembling

Using screws or nails, attach securely the shelvings to the back of the storage cabinet. Attach the support as well for added sturdiness. Then attached the shlevings securely with nails or screws the top, bottom and both the sides of the shelves. 

Step 7-Door Assembly

For the door of the storage shelving, cut a piece of wood that is the size of the back of the door. There is the option to make a single big door or to cut the wood in half and make two smaller doors.

Step 8-Storage Shelves Hardware

Using a hardware, attach the doors securely.  Then attach the doorknob.  For the edging, use thin strips to be placed at the top and bottom of the storage shelves.  Attach a hardware for the doors to latch or lock.  After, attach the legs to the foundation of the storage cabinet.

Step 9-Painting

Paint the wood to the color of choice.

Step 10-Weatherproofing

If you plan to put the storage shelves are at the garage area, it is best to weatherproof it so protect the cabinets from dampness.