How to Build Triple Bunk Beds

What You'll Need
2x4 wood
4x4 wood beam (for bed posts)
3 metal bed frames
Wood screws
3 twin mattresses
Tape measure
Circular saw

Bunk beds are traditionally made as one bed on top of another. If you have a need for additional floor space in a room you may consider building a triple bunk bed consisting of three beds on top of each other. This article will discuss the process of building a triple bunk bed for your home.

It should be clearly noted and emphasized here that if you are considering taking on this do-it-yourself project that you need to become familiar with the safety standards that are expressed in the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) guidelines. A bunk bed that you build should conform with these standards with respect to stability, the use of guardrails and other devices to reduce the possibility of injury or death occurring. Taking the time to read through the safety requirements will greatly reduce the possibility that a child or other loved will become trapped because of improper design or construction.

Step 1: Acquire Material for Triple Bunk Beds

To begin the process of building a triple bunk bed you need to purchase the material from a home improvement center for the beds. This includes 2x4 wood for cross beams and braces, 4x4 wood for the beams, brackets and screws used the hold the frame together as well as rest the metal frame inside.

You should go to a bed and mattress store in order to purchase a bare twin size bed metal frame and the mattresses needed for the beds.

Step 2: Measure the Metal Frames

Use a tape measure to measure the metal frames. These measurements are the basis for the inside width for the triple bunk bed frames. You want to allow 1/8 to 1/4 of inch all-around the wooden frame in order to give you some room to set the frame inside once the wood structures are built.

Step 3: Build the Wood Frames

With the measurements taken, begin the process of constructing the wooden frames for the triple bunk beds. Make sure to also take measurements that account for the headroom needed for your child or children who will be occupying the beds.

Attach the 4x4 beams using brackets to join the ends to the wooden posts. Make cuts using a circular saw in order to cut the cross beams for each level of the triple bunk bed, joined by the brackets. You will drill holes into the wood with a drill in order to sink the wood screws in to secure the beams. Attach any needed braces underneath the beams to provide additional support.

Step 4: Attach Cross Beams for Bed Frame

Use the 2x4 wood to create cross beams in which the frames will be placed. Brace the beams for added security and take the metal frames and place them inside. Secure the frames with eight small screws placed at the top and bottom of each side of the frame.

Step 5: Place the Mattresses in the Beds

With the frames secured inside the bed, place the mattress inside the bunk bed. Make sure that you made allowance for the thickness of the mattress when calculating the headroom needed for your children.