How to Build Window Seat Storage Cabinets

What You'll Need
Wood, Plywood or MDF
2x4" Wood
Handles for Cabinets
Paint or stain

Window seat storage is ideally suited to any room or bedroom, and is a fantastic way of making the most of the space available to you. This space isn't just useful for storage, but it's also perfect for sitting on.

Making your very own seat storage cabinets is actually much easier than you might think. With the right tools and materials you can make a complete window seat in under a weekend.

Step 1 - Measuring Up

Before you can design your very own window seat storage unit you first need to measure up the available space. Measure the distance between the walls, the desired height of the unit, and the depth. When measuring the height take into account the cushion on top of the seat. You need to design the window seat so that it's the right height to sit on, and is also deep enough to be comfortable.

When deciding the depth make sure you consider the amount of storage space available in the unit. Think about the things that you will be storing in the cabinets.

Step 2 - Designing the Window Seat

Once you have your measurements you need to start putting pen to paper. Draw the design of the window seat so that you can get your head around how it will work. This is especially important when working with cabinets, as you want to make sure that the doors will open properly. Consider how the doors will open and whether or not they will catch against the walls or other doors.

Step 3 - Making the Cabinets

Now you need to start building your cabinets. To do this, construct a basic cabinet frame and then hang the doors on it using the hinges. Alternatively, if you don't like the idea of making your own cabinets then you can buy flat pack cabinets. Just make sure that the cabinets you buy are strong enough to support your weight.

Once you have either made or assembled the cabinets you need to fix them together so that they won't move. Put them into place and hang all of the doors on the units.

Step 4 - Making the Seat

When all of the cabinets are in place you can make a seat top out of plywood, MDF or wood. This needs to be thick so that it can hold your whole weight. This should be slightly bigger than the cabinets underneath, although you can get away with having it the same size if you prefer. The best tool to cut the seat out is a jigsaw, although you could also use a handsaw if you wanted.

Step 5 - Assembly

Glue and screw the seat top onto the cabinets and then give it all a lick of paint, varnish or wood stain. Spend time making sure that everything is aligned properly. When screwing the seat in place, it is best done from under the units so that the fixings can't be seen. To do this you need to make sure you don't use any screws that are too long.