How To Build Wood Cabinet Doors

What You'll Need
Wood panels (3/4 inch thick)
Tape measure
Electric saw
Power sander
Door hardware (hinges, handles, etc.)
Wood paint or stain
Screwdriver and screws

Building wood cabinet doors can be an easy do-it-yourself project when upgrading the look of your kitchen or bathroom. Once constructed, the doors can be stained or painted to match the room décor. Also, creating the doors on your own is a great project for upgrading odd-sized or custom made cabinets.

Step 1: Take Measurements

Take accurate and complete measurements for each cabinet that needs a door. Start from the inside edge of one side measuring to the inside edge of the other side. Add an additional ½ inch to this to make sure each door will overlap the cabinet edges. You will be creating 2 doors for each opening so divide the measurements in half to determine each door size.

Step 2: Choose Wood

Choose what kind of wood you wish to use for your door project from one of many popular choices. If looking for a natural grain, consider mahogany or oak. However, lighter woods like cedar or maple are less expensive.

Step 3: Cut Panels

Cut the ¾-inch wood panels using the measurements taken in Step 1. Power sand the wood to a smooth finish on both sides. Using a power sander is highly recommended for better results but hand sanding can be accomplished. It just takes longer and you need to pay special attention making sure the surface is smooth and free from any rough areas. Start sanding with a coarse-grade paper and then re-sand with finer grades until reaching a smooth surface area.

Step 4: Paint or Stain

After successfully sanding the surface area of your cabinet door wood panels, apply your chosen paint or stain. If leaving the wood unstained for a natural look, apply several layers of a waterproof sealant that will allow the natural grain to stand out. Dry the panels overnight before applying more coatings of stain or paint for a darker look. Make sure any final applications are completely dry before handling the doors.

Step 5: Apply Hardware

Lay the wood panels face down on a flat work surface. Position 2 hinges on each door marking the spots approximately 4 inches from the top and bottom. Make sure the marked spots are level and will be straight and lined up correctly when attached. Create drilled pilot holes and then attach the hinges with wood screws. Once the hinges are properly attached, flip the doors over and measure where you wish to place the handles, making sure the distance from the handle to door edge is the same on both doors as well as where it is positioned from top to bottom of the panel. Mark the locations and then drill pilot holes. Attach the handles with the accompanying screws. Get someone to hold the door panels as you attach the hinges to the cabinets.

Check to ensure that the doors are hung level to the cabinet edge. Make sure they swing freely.