How to Build Wooden Kitchen Work Tables

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No matter what kind of a kitchen you have, we can all agree on the fact that having extra kitchen work tables available comes in handy. Whether it’s simply having a place to set your dripping wet clothes after coming in from the rain, placing your snow-covered suits out of the way, or simply having an extra place to work, these tables are a great addition to any kitchen and are very easy to build yourself.

Measure and Cut Your Panels

Use a level and a pencil to draw in your lines. By doing it this way, you get much more precise markings, and using chalk lines tends to be dirty, and they rub off much easier. Make your measurements on the strand board, make your pieces 2’ x 2’. Us a power saw to cut the panels, making sure to measure twice and cut once.

Cut the 10' 2x4s

Using a power saw cut the 10’ 2x4 into four legs that are 30” in length. Using your power saw, this only takes a couple of minutes. Once again, be sure to make accurate measurements because you don’t want to have to go get more materials.

Cut Remaining 2x4s

Now you need to make the final measurements and the final cuts in the remaining 2x4s that are resting to the side. After all cuts are completed, you should have 4 legs which are 30” long, two sets of side planks 45” long, and two sets of end planks which are 26” long.

Attach Build Your Base

Measure about six inches up from what you want the bottom of the leg to be. Mark a point here, as this is where you will attach your side panels. Take two of your legs and screw two side planks onto each of the two legs. Stand your legs up, and attach the two end planks creating a full frame. Be sure to screw all the planks together tightly and securely so that nothing falls apart and that the base of your table is stable.

Setting Your Top Shelf

Now take one of your pieces of strand board and place it on top of the frame. Screw this securely into place and test it out. You will find that it is very sturdy and incredibly durable.

Set Your Bottom Shelf

In order to secure the bottom shelf into place, you are going to have to cut out a 5” x 3” piece from each corner. Make sure that you cut it length x width, if not your piece will not fit properly. Once you have made these cuts and removed the pieces, your board will slip into the bottom portion, resting on the bottom set of panels.

Finishing Up

Now you have yourself a very nice, durable kitchen table, good for any use you can possibly think of.