How To Build Wooden Storage Boxes

What You'll Need
Tape Measure
Piano Hinge

Building your own wooden storage boxes can be a fun, easy and inexpensive.  Wooden storage boxes can be made to be very durable units that can survive any drama that life can bring. Follow the simple steps below to build the perfect wooden storage boxes.

Step 1 - Cut It Right

You must first measure your plywood, and cut it with the saw.  You can make the size of the pieces any length that is suitable for your needs. Cut the plywood into 6 pieces: 2 pieces for the top and bottom and 4 pieces for the sides.  All 4 pieces will be the same if your box is to be square.

Step 2 - Place the Pieces Together

Place your bottom piece on the floor, and glue each piece on individually. You can secure the structure by drilling the nails into the sides.

Step 3 - Add the Top

At this point, you have used 5 pieces of the plywood, and your last piece will be the lid. Screw 1 side of the piano hinge onto the lid and the other side on the inside of the box. Your lid will be able to be pulled up and down. You now have a perfect wooden storage box.