How to Build Your Own Bathtub Vanity

  • Beginner

Bathtub vanities are box structures that you build around the sink in your bathroom as an enclosure. It hides the pipes and provides an area for storage. A bath vanity can contain drawers for the various items and products that you use when using the bathroom, or it can resemble the lower cabinets in your kitchen.

Purchase Materials for Building a Bath Vanity

Go to a home improvement center or a lumber yard and purchase the wood and plywood boards needed for the bath vanity build. If you can, download building plans for a bath vanity from any number of sites online that offer free construction plans. Doing so will give you a sense of the dimensions that you need for the construction of the vanity. You should also measure the area under and around the bath sink to get a sense of the amount of wood that is needed for the bath vanity.

If you have questions as to the amount of wood and other materials listed above for the bath vanity, ask a sales associate at the retailer. They can provide you with insight and advice on how to approach the project.

Cut Wood for the Bath Vanity

Using a circular saw, cut the wood to the dimensions needed for the bath vanity. Cut the side and front frame supports out of 2x4-inch wood and the panels and doors out of plywood. Plywood with a thickness of 0.5-inches will work best for this project.

Assemble and Attach the Bath Vanity Sections

Assemble the sections to the bath vanity. Create the outer frames, attaching them with nails or wood screws. A 2x4-inch section of wood that you cut on the circular saw will need to be placed in the middle of the front part of the box frame for the vanity. This will allow you to attach separate plywood panel doors.

With the frame assembled, attach it to the wall where the sink is attached. Using wood screws to attach the frame to the wall studs. Attach the plywood panels to the frame of the bath vanity. Use the drill to make holes that you need to attach the hinges and door handles to the bath vanity doors.

Stain or Paint the Bath Vanity

Apply a coat of paint or stain to the vanity once you have completed the assembly and attaching it to the sink.