How to Build Your Own Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

What You'll Need
Chain drive garage door opener kit

If you are looking for a chain drive garage door opener, but have not been very successful in your pursuit, then you may be considering giving up and building one yourself. There are two ways in which you can do this. You can buy the parts separately, and fit them together when you come to installing them in the garage, or you can purchase a DIY chain drive garage door opener installation kit, which will contain all the pieces that you need to build the opener, but you will have to fit them together yourself. Never try and build a chain drive garage door opener from scratch, as these can be very dangerous if not put together professionally.

Step 1  - Organize Yourself

The key to successful installation is to be prepared. Read the instructions through several times before you install the opener, and then take all the parts out of their respective boxes, and lay them out in the ground in the approximate positions that they will be on the garage wall. You should have a push button controller, a rail system, chain units, and a remote. Place all the parts together, and practice screwing them into place so that you will be prepared for any resistance or difficulties when you are standing on a ladder holding the rail unit.

Step 2 - Install the Rail Unit

Fit the rail unit to the top of the garage door. You should have several springs and pieces of metal which are all included inside the rail. If you are putting these pieces together yourself, it is a good idea to use the wrench and install them on the ground, rather than trying to do it in mid air. Place as many of the pieces together as you can, and then carry them up on the ladder. You may need some friendly assistance to hold up the rail while you are screwing it in.

Step 3 - Fit the Chains

The chains for your winch need to go around the edge of the wheel in the rail unit, and then be attached to the bottom of the door using a screwdriver and screws. When this has been fitted together, you should then screw on the rest of the chains to a location opposite the garage door. Make sure that the chains are taut when you are installing them, as they will need to take the weight of the door.

Step 4 - Install the Remote

Wire up the remote to your electricity supply, and then screw it into the wall of your garage. You need to add the wires from the remote unit to the controls on top of the door, so that the door will receive the message from the remote to open up or shut down, as you instruct it.