How to Build Your Own DVD Storage Cabinet

What You'll Need
Plywood sheets
Paint or wood stains
Paint brushes
Nails or screws
Sand paper
Measuring tape
Safety glasses

If you have a home entertainment system installed at your home, then having a DVD storage cabinet along side is also important. Now before you head towards the nearest shopping mall for buying it, consider building your own at home and saving hundreds of dollars. The process is quite simple and is explained below.

Step 1 – Decide the Dimensions

    Decide the number of shelves and number of DVDs each shelf will hold. This will help you to calculate the dimensions. The ideal height for each shelf should be 10 to 12 inches. The depth of the shelf must be 8 inches. The width has to be calculated as per the number of DVDs each shelf will hold. Pinewood is the most reliable and long lasting material for this purpose. It can be purchased from a local hardware store.

    Step  2 – Cut

      Take your measuring tape and mark the points or lines along which the plywood has to be cut. Each part (top, bottom, sides, back, shelves) of your DVD storage cabinet has to be cut. Before cutting the shelf parts, measure the thickness of the ply; this has to be subtracted from its measurement so that they don’t protrude out or create a gap while fitting them together. 

      Step 3 – Assembly

        Take 2 side plywood parts and mark lines where each shelf has to be attached. Make markings on the inner and outer side of the left side. Nail or screw the shelves one by one to the left side wood part. Then on the outer side of the right side, make markings and place it on the partly assembled cabinet and nail or screw it at each shelf location. Now add standard brackets below each shelf to give strength to them. Attach the top and bottom wood part now. Take the rear wood part, nail at the locations of joints.

        Step 4 – Test

          Look whether the storage cabinet is tightly fixed and if there is any part that needs to be tightened, fix it. Check the level and sturdiness again before going to the next step.

          Step 5 – Final Touch

            Use sandpaper to give a smooth feel on rough surfaces or spots. Fill in the holes or gaps with the help of putty. Let it dry for an hour or so. Now using a paint or stain, give a finishing touch to your storage cabinet. (Buy paint or stain whose shade will blend with the other furniture). Let your DVD storage cabinet dry completely before it is taken indoors and placed in its location.

            Important Tip: Always consider the number of DVDs you will be adding to your collection; hence, create a space for them in advance.