How to Build Your Own Grill

What You'll Need
Quick-dry cement
2-by-4 wood

It's not difficult to build a grill, especially if you're looking to make a simple one that burns charcoal to cook food. The investment for a simple grill is also small, and the project can be done over a few hours on the weekend. Follow these steps to build your own grill.

Step 1--Preparation

Determine the location of the grill. It needs to be away from other structures to reduce the danger of fire. Some local bylaws require specific distances between a homemade grill and any structures, so be sure to check your local bylaws before beginning work. Decide on the size you would like and the shape of the grill. Determine if you would like it to be round, square or rectangular. Grills with angles are easier to build than round ones. Buy all the necessary supplies.

Step 2--Build the Foundation

Dig an area about four inches deep in the desired location and in whatever size you'd like the grill to be. Make sure the depth is even over the entire hole bottom. This hole will create a foundation that will be level with the rest of your yard. Build foundation forms using nails and 2-by-4 boards and place them securely in the hole you dug. Pack soil around the outside of the form to keep it in place. Mix the cement in the wheelbarrow and pour half the amount into the form. Smooth the cement with a trowel. Position the rebars. These will help prevent the foundation from cracking over time. Pour the rest of the cement mix over the rebar. Smooth the surface. Allow the cement to cure completely before going on to the next step.

Step 3--Create the Grill Walls

Draw the shape of the grill on the cured concrete. Mix mortar according to package directions. Spread the mortar along the lines of the shape you drew on the concrete. Lay your first layer of bricks. Spread mortar on the completed layer and place the next layer of bricks. Be sure to stagger the joints to make the homemade grill as sturdy as possible. Continue building until you have the grill the height you would like it to be. If you plan to use the grill mostly for cooking, keep the height lower so that the heat source stays closer to the grill. Create higher walls if you'll be using the grill as a fire pit as well.  Use the trowel to remove any excess mortar on the inside and the outside of the grill. Allow to dry completely before using.

Step 4--Prepare the Homemade Grill to Use

Pour packaged charcoal into the newly built grill. Lay the grate over the edges of the top of the grill. Use a standard barbecue grate available at any home hardware store as the most economical choice. Or purchase a heavier duty cast iron grate for a grill that will be heavily used. To use, light the charcoal and lay the food directly on the grate or in a barbecue tray on the grate.