How to Bullnose Granite

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  • 2-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 25-60
What You'll Need
Bullnose diamond grinding wheel
Diamond grinding disc
Ventilator mask
Masking tape
Measuring tape
Clean cloth

If you are interested in learning how to bullnose granite, you should be aware that it can be a difficult job. Additionally, this task can require a great deal of specialized equipment. In general, it is not a good idea to perform this task on your own. However, if you have access to the proper tools and materials, there is no reason that you cannot bullnose your own granite.

Setting Up

Setting up granite to work on can be quite difficult. Finding sufficient space to work on granite can be difficult enough, but when you factor its weight into the equation, there are almost no appropriate surfaces on which to work. If you are working on granite that has not been installed yet, you will have to get creative. One possible solution is using multiple sawhorses as a surface to set your granite on while you work.

If your granite has already been installed, and you are going to bullnose it on the spot, this is also fine. However, you will have to seal off your work area to avoid spreading granite dust everywhere.

Measuring the Corners

To start off, measure out the granite you are going to be working on. Get out your tape measure and figure out its width. Do this at several locations to maximize your accuracy. Once you have done this, measure a line from end to end, parallel to the edge you will be working on. Base the distance from the edge that you measure on the degree of a curve you want on your granite. Finally, use masking tape to mark off what you have measured.

Using the Grinding Wheel

Before you actually start to grind your granite down, put on your protective mask and goggles. This is an important step, as you will be producing a great deal of granite dust, which you do not want to breathe in or get in your eyes.

To begin, grind the edge of your granite with your bullnose grinding wheel. Do not worry about taking off a great deal of granite, especially on your first try. Focus on grinding very evenly. You will definitely need to go over the edge of your section of granite multiple times, so once you have gone over it once, start over again. It will probably take many runs before you can continue.

Using the Grinding Disc

Once the bullnose shape has clearly formed, you should switch to your grinding disc. You will need multiple types of discs for this stage, ranging from 100 grit to 1500 grit. Start off with your disc that has the lowest grit and work your way up, examining your work frequently. In between each use, wipe off your granite with a damp cloth. Again, focus on grinding evenly.

Once you have worked your way up to your highest grit disc, go over your work one final time with a 3500 grit disc.