How to Bullnose Marble

  • 12 hours
  • Advanced
  • 750
What You'll Need
Bullnose diamond profile wheel
Low-speed grinder polisher
Safety glasses
Masking Tape
Measuring Tape
Wiping cloth
Diamond polishing pads

If you dislike the appearance of right angles on your kitchen counters, learning to bullnose marble can be a very useful skill. However, in order to successfully bullnose marble, you will need access to multiple specialized grinding tools, which may be more expensive than simply hiring a professional. However, if you have access to these tools already, or you can borrow them or rent them cheaply, there is no reason that you cannot bullnose your own marble.

Step 1 - Preparing to Work

The first thing you must do before you begin to grind your marble is to select where to do it. If you do this before the marble is installed in your kitchen, this can be tricky. In this situation, you will need to find a large area with a flat, steady surface that can be used to support a lot of weight in a reliable way. A work table will function just fine for this, as well as several sawhorses set up in a row.

If your marble is already installed in your kitchen, the process is simpler, as your decision has been made for you. However, you should still close your doors and seal them off to avoid spreading dust around. In addition, if you are working inside, you should put down drop cloths to make cleanup simpler.

Wherever you are working, you should open your windows to minimize the amount of dust in the air.

Step 2 - Taking Measurements

In order to effectively bullnose your marble, you will need to measure it first. The particular measurements you take will determine the maximum radius or diameter of the diamond profile wheel you'll need whether you prefer a small or gradual curve.

To begin, measure the distance from the edge of the marble that you plan to bullnose to determine the proper radius—a larger radius for a softer curve, and a smaller radius for a sharper one. Do this at several points, then use your measuring tape and masking tape to mark off a line parallel to the edge at the distance you have chosen.

Step 2 - Grinding the Edge

During the time you spend grinding the marble into the shape you want it, there will be a lot of dust and particles in the air. Because of this, it is important that you protect yourself properly. Be sure you are wearing your protective clothing, a particle mask, and safety glasses to perform this step.

Start off by going over the edge of your marble with your diamond grinding wheel. Use the masking tape you put down previously as a guide. Attempt to grind evenly rather than trying to take off a great deal of marble at once, and move your grinding wheel steadily from one end of the edge to the other. Once you have done this many times, the shape you want should start to form.

Step 3 - Smoothing the Edge

Once the shape is visible, use your grinding discs to smooth and refine it. Start with your coarsest disc, and go over the work you have done already. In between grindings, remove the powder with a damp cloth. Finish up with a 3500 grit polishing disc.