How To Buy The Right Type Of Fascia

Before buying building fascia, determine which type will best fit your needs.


Vinyl fascia is particularly appropriate if you already have or are planning to install vinyl siding. Vinyl fascia is easy to maintain and is not prone to water damage. It can be initially more expensive than wood fascia, but it will last longer.

Wood Fascia

Wood fascia is good for homes that have wood siding installed. The downside of wood fascia is that no matter how well it is installed, like all wood products, it will eventually develop wood rot and need to be replaced. On average, wood fascia needs to be replaced about every 5 years.

Fiber Cement Fascia

Fiber cement fascia is a man-made fabricate composite fascia that works extremely well and is long-lasting. It is more expensive than either wood or vinyl fascia, but it is easier to maintain and not prone to water damage. It is also heat resistant, unlike vinyl.

Laminate Fascia

Laminate fascia is appropriate in almost any siding application. It is not as long-lasting as fiber cement fascia, but is as cost-efficient as vinyl or wood fascia. It requires anchor plates for hanging.