How to Calculate Brick Veneer Siding Costs

brick veneer siding on building near scaffolding

Installing brick veneer siding can provide you with a great finish to the outside of your home. It is very durable and looks great once it is installed. Determining a realistic cost for the brick veneer can be challenging, but it can be done with a little bit of work. Here are the basics of how to calculate brick veneer siding costs.

Detailed Measure

The first thing that you need to do is get accurate measurements of the space that you plan on covering. Many times, you will want to cover the entire area outside of your house. If so, you will need to get a tape measure and measure the entire siding area of the house. Get the height and the width of the walls and write them down on a notepad.

Next, you need to determine how many square feet you have. Multiply the width times the height and this will give you the square footage. You can contact a few local brick veneer contractors and ask them for a square foot price. Be sure to also ask about installation costs. Multiply their pricing by your square footage and you should have a fairly accurate estimate.