How to Calculate the Cost of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is a leading type of insulation for a number of different buildings and wall types. Spray foam offers the benefit of expanding to fill the entire space that it is set to occupy, which often gives it an advantage over preformed foam blocks that are unable to completely insulate a space. Spray foam types of insulation do tend to be more expensive than the alternative, however, so it's good to keep in mind how much you'll need to spend before you begin.

Determining the Cost of the Foam

Before you begin, price out the various types of spray foam that you may be able to use for your project. Visit different hardware and home improvement stores for a better idea. Once you've made your selection, take note of how much the foam costs per cubic foot.

Determining the Area of the Space to be Insulated

Determine how much foam that you'll use by calculating the volume of the space to be insulated. Measure out the dimensions of the space and multiply them together to find the total volume. Take note of how much the foam expands during the application process, and you can calculate how much foam you'll need to use for your space. Finally, multiply the amount of foam by the cost of the foam to find the total cost of your insulation material.