How to Care for Acrylic Car Paint

Used on most new cars, acrylic car paint is actually a two stage system of painting that involves a bottom layer of acrylic paint and a top clear coat. These two layers combined give a durable glossy finish to your car. This type of paint is easy to care for and to keep looking shiny and new.

Tools and Materials

  • Car wash detergent
  • Bucket
  • Sponge
  • Car polish
  • Car wax
  • Clean soft cloths

Step 1: Wash the Car

Park your car in the shade as all washing and polishing is best done out of direct sunlight if possible. Mix the car wash detergent with water as suggested by the manufacturer.

Start at the top of the car and work downward from side to side. Rinse immediately and thoroughly. Don't allow the soapy water to dry on your car. Dry the car with a soft cloth or chamois cloth.

Step 2: Polish the Car

When the car is thoroughly dry, you can apply polish. There are polishes that also have filler in them to fill minor scratches and swirls in the paint. Spray on and wipe onto the car as directed on the label. This will be the coat that protects and restores the car's acrylic paint to almost like new.

Step 3: Wax the Car

Waxing your car is the final step in the process to care for your acrylic car paint. Apply the wax with a soft cloth in a circular motion. Allow it to dry to a haze, and then buff it off with a soft cloth until it shines.