How to Care for Bamboo Fencing

What You'll Need
Coarse sandpaper
Pressure washer or bucket and scrubbing brush
Polyethylene sealant or linseed oil
Stainless steel wire
Wire cutters
Steel wire brush
A-frame ladder
Clean rags

Though bamboo fencing doesn’t take much care and maintenance compared to other types of fencing, the following tips will help you to keep your bamboo fence in a good state of repair.

Step 1 – Inspect Fencing

Slowly walk along the entire length of both sides of the bamboo fencing to check for any damage, insect infestations, or any other sign of anything that is out of the ordinary. Depending on the height of the fence, use a ladder to make sure that you don’t miss the upper section. Pay particular attention to the base, as the bamboo that is close to the ground is likely to suffer the most damage due to its close proximity to vegetation and moisture.

If the installation of the fence involved any wire or staples, examine them to ensure that they have not suffered any rust.

Step 2 – Seal

If your bamboo fencing has suffered no damage or is newly fitted, the best way to maintain the condition and lengthen the life of the fence is to seal it. The sheen that results from this application will also improve the look of the fence. Before undertaking this process, clean the fence thoroughly either with a pressure washer or manually with a scrubbing brush. Allow the fence to dry thoroughly before applying the sealant.

If you prefer to use a natural substance to coat the fence, opt for linseed oil and apply it with a paintbrush, being careful to avoid any drip marks. Alternatively, you could apply a polyethylene varnish and erect some sort of barrier so that the varnish can dry undisturbed. Repeat this process once a year.

Step 3 – Smooth

The manner in which bamboo fencing is cut can leave it with rough edges, which can lead to splinters and splits in the bamboo. Prevent this by sanding rough sections of the fence to keep the edges smooth and tidy and prevent any potential harm to children and animals.

Step 4 – Maintenance

Where metal fasteners have been used as part of the installation process and have suffered rust damage, consider whether it is extensive enough to require replacement. In this case, carefully cut away the old wire and replace it with rust-resistant stainless steel or coated wire. In the event of minor rust damage, scrub away the rust with a steel wire brush and treat the metal with a lubricating spray.

Where the bamboo fencing has dropped from its original position and has come into contact with the ground, return it back to its original position, which should be at least 2 inches from the ground and use more fasteners than were originally used to ensure they can bear the weight. If necessary, keep the bamboo elevated by installing a strip of wire mesh fencing between the bamboo and the ground.